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i am universe

Super Drips was founded in my love for ice cream. art and everything drippy. I f*cking love ice cream. I love the fluidity, the flowing, the flow of drips.  I’ve always felt that this conveys motion in art.

10% of all sales will be donated to Mental Health Awareness.

I suffered with anxiety and depression most of my life. So much so that I almost took my life at the age of 25. If I would have, I wouldn’t have lost 65 pounds, helped others change their lives, met my wife and daughter and started three different six figure businesses. I feel so many of us are just living in a misunderstanding.  I’ve been lucky enough to change my mindset and now my greatest passion in life is helping others do the same.

My art, especially the videos,  can be very therapeutic. They allow you to push out all the noisy thoughts and be present. Get lost in them. Enjoy!